In legibus magis simplicitas quam difficultas placet. (I.2.23.7)

In law simplicity is appreciated, not elaboration.
Daria Leszczyk

e-mail: [email protected]
tel. +48 22 416 05 56

A graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty of Warsaw University and post-graduate studies in Mergers and Acquisitions of Enterprises at the Warsaw School of Economics. She specialises in company law, aspects of planning succession in family businesses and assisting in structuring processes.
For many years she has been involved in transformation, merger and acquisition processes and division of commercial companies, and participates in developing and implementing complex capital and property structuring schemes in enterprises. With regard to commercial companies she provides advice in investment procedures and joint venture transactions, as well as participates in due diligence studies. In her work she is determined to find optimum solutions from the point of the client, i.e. solutions which on the one hand enable the client to achieve his or her business objectives as far as possible, and on the other are safe in the context of applicable law.

At the same time she has extensive experience in on-going corporate assistance to companies, including State Treasury companies. As part of her field of specialisation she represents clients before common courts in cases regulated by the Code of Commercial Companies. She also offers training in family business succession issues and is the author of publications on commercial law.