In legibus magis simplicitas quam difficultas placet. (I.2.23.7)

In law simplicity is appreciated, not elaboration.
Family Start-Ups

A Family Start-Up is a venture that exploits the potential of family business and entrepreneurship of a participant in succession. It is a solution for generational change in the family business. It assumes (in one version) the creation of a new entity in which the idea of a succession participant would be developed that would be useful from the operational perspective of the family business. The assumption of this solution is that in a Family Start-Up the service or product created by the founder constitutes a certain commercial value (that lends itself to valuation) useful for the family business.

The generated and commercialized value of such a start-up enables the inclusion of the  new venture in the succession scenario. From the perspective of a participant in succession who implements such economic activity it supplements the non-legal circumstances affecting the structure of the process, ultimately reflected in the amount of participation in the family business.

A Family Start-UP