In legibus magis simplicitas quam difficultas placet. (I.2.23.7)

In law simplicity is appreciated, not elaboration.
Family businesses and succession

We focus our activities on national family entrepreneurship. We advise family businesses on asset structure, corporate relations and the legal aspects of family relations. We provide support in drafting inheritance documents and other disposals associated with planned succession. We also advise the management staff of family businesses. We assist successors. We help in establishing family start-ups, in buying and selling assets.

With our extensive reorganization and corporate experience we support successors in taking their own business initiatives (Family Start-ups) as well as in the processes of taking over the family business and its continuation. We combine unique competences and many years of experience with a wide range of services that we can offer to family businesses. We lead the customer through the process of succession presenting the best solutions for both the founder and the successor, also when the best way for the company appears to be the stock market, investor or Family Start-Up, as well as foreign solutions: trust or foreign foundation.

By participating in the experiences of our clients related to the generational change in business we support the development of the Polish economy. We run a blog dedicated to family entrepreneurship and succession in business SUKCESja (