In legibus magis simplicitas quam difficultas placet. (I.2.23.7)

In law simplicity is appreciated, not elaboration.
Real estate

Real property – our home, investment, security for our children, capital, a project…

The definition of real property may mean something different for every one of us, for some it is a plot of land on which they want to build a house, for others an apartment they want to live in, for an entrepreneur it is a plot on which he or she plans to build a residential development. Market analyses and studies indicate that real property investment is the best way of multiplying capital these days.
We provide legal assistance related to real property, both land, including perpetual usufruct, as well as premises, buildings and cooperative ownership rights to premises.

We assist individuals in property sale/purchase transactions in various legal forms such as sale agreements, donation agreements, joint ownership termination agreements, division of inheritance, including entering into preliminary sale agreements, 90% of which precede final agreements, especially where the funds for the purchase are obtained by way of a bank loan or if the sale agreement requires approvals, eg. the consent of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration for the purchase of real property by a foreigner, building permits or fulfilment of other conditions required for concluding the final agreement.

We also offer our support in dealing with of real property to companies, developers, investment funds, tenants, landlords of large scale commercial space and other legal entities and entrepreneurs, including aspects such as purchase of land, lease of office space, establishment of separate ownership of premises, development agreements. We draft agreements, participate in negotiations and during transaction closing.

We offer advice in relation to the legal aspects of security for performance of agreements. We structure security instruments in such a way that the client is able to achieve his or her business objectives safely.