In legibus magis simplicitas quam difficultas placet. (I.2.23.7)

In law simplicity is appreciated, not elaboration.
Company law

Our lawyers advise clients at every stage of operation of legal entities, from the date of establishment through everyday legal assistance, restructuring and reorganization of group entities.  We provide services related to the processes of transformation, mergers and spin-offs (for public as well as private companies). Our support is directed both at the operating enterprise as well as shareholders and management and supervisory boards. We advise private investors, investment funds, entities from the PE / VC sector, business owners, private entities planning the sale or purchase of assets. We provide ongoing support for companies and support the operation of corporate governing bodies, including general meetings.

We provide comprehensive transaction consulting. We advise both the seller and the buyer, providing services at every stage of the transaction - from due diligence, preparation and negotiation of transaction documentation, to closing the transaction and post-transaction service. We advise enterprises, private investors and funds. By shaping project structures and formulating transaction documents we protect the interests of our clients. We minimize the risk of possible disputes. We protect against risks, including hostile takeovers. We take into account the circumstances of succession in business. We pay attention to practical aspects related to economic and tax engineering of the undertaking. We have been cooperating with tax experts and business advisors for many years. We structure our activities together, identifying legal and tax consequences.

Our advisors support transactions:

  • share deal: sale and purchase of shares, including shares traded on the organized market (also as part of calls); purchase or sale of other forms of participation in commercial companies;
  • asset deal: acquisition, sale of enterprises or their organized parts (in this area we advise in all forms of reorganization of enterprises and capital groups), as well as in the purchase and sale of individual assets belonging to enterprises;
  • transfer of receivables, including securitized debt;
  • sale of real estate, including agricultural real estate;
  • corporate transformations: transformations, mergers (including cross-border), divisions and liquidations / dissolution of companies (including payment of liquidation assets);
  • financing M & A transactions: debt financing, equity financing, mezzanine financing;
  • management buyouts and transactions under the so-called financial assistance;
  • transfer and development of operations on foreign markets; in this area we advise on the structuring of the capital group;
  • creating branches of foreign companies in Poland and supporting the creation of branches of Polish companies abroad.
Our advisors took part in structuring reorganization activities for a total value in excess of PLN 7 billion.